B O D H . S C H O O L



Bodh school was started in the year 1991 to look after the requirements of children with Special needs(Slow Learners), who are unable to study in normal schools, who are repeated failures in normal schools, and who are school drop-outs.



  • To make the child realise that he/she carries the Divine Master in the heart and is loveable and useful in the society for that reason.
  • To identify specific problems which are impeding the child's learning.
  • To devise methods and methodologies to overcome the reading and writing problems
  • To develop goals individually for each child
  • To setup objectives periodically to reach the desired goal for each child (Individual Educational Plan)
  • Apart from reading and writing, Skill training (vocational training) is also planned as a part of learning and future rehabilitation
  • To make them appear for exams conducted by District Board/ National Institute of Open Schooling(NIOS)


  • To allow the student to learn at his/her own pace.
  • Initial assessment at the time of admission.
  • Individualized Education Plans
  • Keeping teacher pupil ratio at 1:5 to give individual attention
  • Individualized teaching methods for problem specific issues
  • Usage of Computers
  • Usage of Audio-Visual aids
  • Play-way methods (drama, music,..)
  • Encourage games and physical activities
  • Medium of instruction is in consonance with child's language of communication (English/Telugu).


Bodh School Location:

BODH Special School for Slow learners,
Satkama High School Premises,
Plot Number: 1735,
Pragatinagar Kukatpally,
Hyderabad 500090, Andhra Pradesh , India

Phone Number: +91 (40) 64518979



The school was started in 1991 and over a period of time has acquired quite a few distinctions and appropriate social recognition. The school for slow learners at Hyderabad is the only one of its kind at Hyderabad and among the few in the country. This is one of the first institution of its kind, that has taken several approaches to develop a holistic concept of living and has succeeded to some extent so far.

So far 135 students have attended the school and benefited from its services. Details are given below :

Category No. of students
Joined to Mainstream*  
  • Shifted to normal school
  • Doing Higher studies
  • Employed in SSS
  • Employed outside
  • Married(girls)
  • Settled in normal life
Joined in Main Stream: Total: 47
Trained to their optimum level 31
Studied for short period in Bodh 34
Left the school because of personal reasons 18
Currently studying in Bodh 5
Total number of Students benefited from Bodh since inception 135

*: Main Stream means doing some productive activity or settled in normal life


Academic Achievements
Students Successfully cleared NIOS Foundation course: 35
District common board exams
Passed VI class 10
Passed VII class 24
Secondary course of NIOS
Passed all subjects 6
Passed 4 / 5 subjects 6
Passed 3/5 subjects 4


Most of the parents have expressed their deep gratitude for the services rendered by the school towards their wards who were unable to continue in normal school and who are unfit to attend institutes meant for mentally retarded children and were staying at home not knowing how to spend their time and causing distress to the parents.


Success Stories

The following are some of the individual success stories achieved in the school:


Name Akshay Kumar S
From August 1997
To April 2003

Before joining Bodh school :

Akshay joined the school at the age of 12 years. He studied up to 5th class in normal school with failures in 2nd and 5th classes. He was having poor reading ability, hyperactivity, disobedience, short-tempered nature, talkative and lack of interest in studies with excessive imagination. With these problems he was unable to continue in the normal school.

After joining the School :

After 6 years of study in Bodh school, Akshay cleared his secondary level examination(equivalent to X class) conducted by NIOS. Now he is pursuing his graduation in Bhavan's college, Hyderabad, India.

Now he is well mannered, confident youngster who drives his own car and helps his father in running Chit fund finance company. He is able to carry on independently and confidently the business activities like handling money, interacting with the customers intelligently and is responsible for collections everyday.

He meditates regularly and is also actively involved in the voluntary activities of the Institute of Sri Ramchandra Consciousness by helping in the transportation of guests, their stay and looking after them. He also assists in making arrangements for catering during the annual functions which are attended by around 500 people.



Name M. Mahesh
From June 1999
To April 2005


Before joining Bodh school:

Mahesh was a school drop out and was unable to continue in normal school because of poor memory and slow learning. He had fear and insecurity as he was an orphan living in an orphanage.

After joining Bodh school:

Mahesh has successfully cleared his secondary level examination (equivalent to X class) conducted by NIOS. He is very confident now and a star in his own right as he sings beautifully on the stage. He is well adjusted and confident youngster and joined the main stream.



Name Balaji
From June 1992
To June 1998


Before joining Bodh school:

Balaji was found to be functioning at 2nd grade level in Maths and English. He was hyperactive and could not concentrate. He was clumsy and disorganized.

After joining the Bodh school :

Balaji has successfully cleared his secondary level examination (equivalent to X class) conducted by NIOS. He was employed in the Mahatma Sri Ramchandra Centenary Memorial Hospital as a receptionist and telephone operator. After successfully working for 2 years he shifted to Bangalore along with his family and currently working in an engineering workshop.



Name Manmohan
From June 1999
To April 2003


Before joining Bodh school:

Manmohan was admitted to Bodh School at the age of 14 with poor scholastic performance due to poor memory with a shy and withdrawn nature.

After joining the Bodh school :

After 4 years at Bodh school he passed secondary level exam of NIOS and he is getting trained for a job in Hardware in computer field. He also has the knowledge in DTP.



Name Sricharan
From July 1996
To April 2003


Before joining Bodh school:

Sricharan joined Bodh school in July 1996 at the age of 11 years with the problems of Slow learning, stuttering speech. He also suffers from right sided Hemiplegia(right half of body including upper arm and lower limbs paralysed). He studied up to V class in normal school and failed.

After joining the Bodh school :

After joining Bodh school he passed secondary course conducted by NIOS in all the five subjects. He is knowledgeable in DTP and is pursuing his further career in packaging technology in a polytechnic college.



Name Ravi Teja
From July 2001
To Nov 2002


Before joining Bodh school:

Ravi Teja joined Bodh school in the year of 2001 at the age of 13 years. He was slow in learning with poor concentration, poor interaction, withdrawn and having poor memory with poor expression. He discontinued schooling after V class for 2 years due to repeated failures and teasing from peers. His functional level at the time of admission to Bodh school was 2nd grade level in English and Telugu and 3rd grade level in Maths.

After joining the Bodh school :

Though he was in Bodh school for only one year, as a result of changing his medium of instruction to Telugu he was comfortably able to study up to V grade level. His attention span has increased. He developed interest in studies and he became a self confident youngster. He started traveling independently by public transport.



Name Sidhartha
From July 1994
To Apr 2002


Before joining Bodh school:

Sidharth joined Bodh school at the age of 12 years. He was admitted with severe dyslexia and was unable to continue in normal school due to lack of special educational facilities.

After joining the Bodh school :

He appeared for Secondary course of NIOS and passed in word processing and English. He is now very self confident and proficient in working with computers and helps Bodh school in preparing educational computer programs. He also knows Macromedia Flash and Photoshop softwares. He is presently employed in Bodh school as computer assistant and actively participates in the medical camps conducted by Samsthan in Kanukunta.



Name Ludiya
From July 1991
To Apr 1996


Before joining Bodh school:

Ludiya joined Bodh school at the age of 15 years with problems in hearing, poor speech, poor aptitude for studies and stubbornness. Assessment in Bodh school revealed her functional level was II class level.

After joining the Bodh school :

During her 5 years in Bodh she made a remarkable transformation. From a shy, withdrawn and a poor student she turned to be a cheerful happy student becoming a leader and guiding other students in painting and other skills. She turned to be an exceptionally talented painter.

She is now married and happily settled as a housewife.



Name P Dinesh Kumar
From June 1993
To Apr 2005


Before joining Bodh school:

Dinesh had compliances of poor memory, lack of interest in studies, poor academic performance, stubborn by nature and indulging in irrelevant conversations. He studied in normal school for 3 years, but could not cope with the school curriculum. Evaluation at the time of Admission to Bodh were as follows: He was able to read Telugu up to UKG level, English up to LKG level, maths up to UKG. He had no color concept and was able to recognize coins and notes up to Rs.10/-

After joining the Bodh school :

He responded to the training. He was coming to school independently. He became obedient, showed interest in vocational skills and passed the VII class examination of the State Syllabus in two attempts. He later developed confidence and completed Foundation course equivalent to VIII class. He appeared for secondary course of NIOS and passed Telugu, word processing and business studies. This year he appeared for Social Studies and Home Science. Results are awaited.

He is capable of making files independently and is learning to type in Telugu. He takes part in the Prayer done at school sincerely and he has got a helping nature.




Name G Badari Narayana
From July 2003
To April 2005

Before joining Bodh school: Badari Narayana joined Bodh school at the age of 13 years. He had problems of impaired hearing. He is a slow learner with an IQ of 76. He lacks clarity in speech.

After joining the Bodh school : He studied for two years in Bodh school w.e.f July 2003 to April 2005. At the time of admission his comprehension and understanding were less than 2nd class though he studied up to VI class in Kendriya Vidyalaya. After his stint with Bodh school he turned out to be an enthusiastic and happy child. He was taking part successfully in stage shows and winning appreciation all around. He can recite poems and read and write Telugu fluently. He also used to sit in Prayer successfully for 15 minutes. He developed good painting skills and made 52 greeting cards in the year 2004. He can independently make power point presentation. He passed the VII class common board exam and passed word processing of secondary course.



Name C Raj Kumar
From June 2000
To Feb 2005

Before joining Bodh school: Rajkumar was referred to Bodh school for lack of interest in studies and scholastic backwardness. He studied up to VI class in Annapurna school and failed in 6th Class. His IQ was 71. His comprehension of English in reading and writing was of 4th grade and Maths of 3rd grade level.

After joining the Bodh school : After 4.5 years in Bodh school. He passed foundation course of NIOS (equivalent to VIII class). He appeared for secondary course of NIOS (equivalent to X class) and passed 4 subjects.

He became responsible and is very cooperative with school officials and helped the school in daily flag hoisting and helps other younger students in their transport back to their homes. Though he lost his father, he recovered and successfully attended school. At home he helps his mother in looking after a severely retarded younger brother who is totally bed-ridden.

Presently, after school, he is working as a telephone operator for a chartered accountancy firm.



Current Students

Bodh School is relocated to Satkama High School premises, Pragatinagar Kukatpally, Hyderabad 500090. Admission process is going on.

All Students

Please Click here for the details of all the students studied and currently studying in Bodh till  2008-2009.

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Visitor's Comments

  • I am very impressed with the work done at the Bodh school. You are working in the right direction in helping the slow learners to go to the place that they ought to. The children have done some outstanding work and they need to be complemented. I would have liked to spend more time, but unfortunately have limited time. However I would like to wish every one everything of the best and may the Almighty help you in your endeavours. Thanks to the organization for having allowed me to be here. I am really greatful to them. Congratulation to all the educators. I am proud of you. Thank you once again. These are Greetings from South Africa. May God Bless.

-- T. Harikaran

(T Harikaran, S Inca Drive, Everest Heights, Verwlam - 4340, NATAL, South Africa)


  • Absolutely fabulous school; Astounding mix of skills ( occupational therapy, psychology, educational, social work, mental health counselling for kids and parents )in all the teachers at the practical level is unparallel in Andhra pradesh and may by very few in the world.

-- Dr. Mani Pavuluri

(Dr.Mani Pavuluri, Dept. of Psychiatry, V floor, Ropyal Children Hospital, Park Ville, VIC - 3052, Australia)


  • First time I have visited this type of school and the way this children were given much care and slowly making them to feel that they can live on their own, and getting out positive skills out of them is really fantastic. I feel such schools have to be encouraged by central and state Governments and also by Public not only financially but also visiting repeatedly and encouraging the organizers and teachers.

-- Kasu Krishna Reddy

(Kasu Krishna Reddy, Member of Parliament, New Delhi, India)


  • When God created people with limited abilities He also created people like "you all", who are so dedicated and committed in helping such people. God Bless you.

-- Jayanthi Narayanan

(Jayanthi Narayanan, National Institute of Mentally Handicapped)


  • Our group of DSE(MR) coming from Baroda gained wonderful experience of this unique institution dealing with L.D. children. It is a remarkable service rendered by the dedicated staff and the prinicipal. Congratulations for excellent work.

-- Dr.B.P. Hulla

(Dr. B.P. Hulla, Coordinator Diploma in Special Education, KGP childrens' Hospital, Karelbagh, Baroda)


  • I am very much impressed by the multiple intelligences developed in the child. Also, there efforts to create self-esteem in themselves. This kind of work of dedicated service can be done only by people inspired by some spiritual values. My sincere felicitations to the organisers, teachers and parents.

-- Rao V.B.J Chelikani

(Rao VBJ Chelikani, IFHD, Gokul nagar, Hyderabad)


  • The activities of the Samstha through Bodh is enabling the children to realize that they are as normal as any other children. Once they have a skill which has a value they will no longer be a burden and have a high self esteem. Let us join to work towards that - the seeds of which are already sown. All the Best wishes and Regards for the activities which not everyone opts for.


-- Satya Prakash Tucker, I.A.S


  • It is not how much you do that matters, it is the cause for which you have done. An excellent effort for anoble cause. I wish these children and the orgnization both a great future.

-- A.V.S. Reddy, I.A.S

(A.V.S. Reddy, Principal Secratary, Revenue, Govt. of Andhra Pradesh. )


  • Work is where God is, Keep up the Good work, Thanks for all the lessons of the day

-- Dr. Kasu Prasad Reddy

(Dr. Kasu Prasad Reddy , Maxivision )


  • I am very happy to visit Sahaj Seva Samsthan today after interacting with Principal, teachers, students and other staff members, I feel there is a need to give greater attention to this section of children of society. With their limited resources this Samsthan is doing wonderful service. This is the responsibility of parents and scoiety to bring these kind of children to normal level. I am veryhappy that this organisation has taken up this difficult task in their hands. I would like to help them in best possible way. With Good wishes.

-- Rajeshwar Tiwari

(Rajeshwar Tiwari, Collector, Hyderabad)


  • Bodh is an unique talent, fulfilling a unique need of mankind. this is the only center of this kind I have seen in the India. May this unique talent make a great match to the unique need - which is the real "Dharma". Our special thanks, for which words are inadequate to Principal Madam who is lovingly wonderful lady and to all staff. May God showers His choicest Blessings on you.

-- Rajdip Swami and students

(Rajdip Swamy and students, Medical care ceter trust, Vadodara, Gujarat).

  • I visited Bodh - the NGO-today which is serving the learning challenged individual in the yeomen way. Bodh is also vocationally training them. This is the only school which is for LD students. The devotion I saw in their teachers and members are exceptional. Let the God help them to help this forgotten Fraternity.

-- Dr. Krishna Chandra

(Dr. Krishna Chandra, DD, VRCH, GOI, Hyd-7)