The Educational Psychology adopted by the Samsthan is based on the ideas and teachings(as given below) of Shri Ramchandraji Maharaj of Shahjahanpur, UP, India., who has ushered in a new Era in human life.

"When a child begins to wonder, really the process of thinking starts and he gets food for its expression by the parents. When the thoughts are accumulated and develop force, they become a working machinery for their play. This goes on for a certain time till he begins to speak. Now language for expression is there and the child himself brings out the language for his expression. The centre really speaking, is in the brain and it functions according to the suggestions already laid. Now different sorts of suggestions of the parents and sometime after, of his own, become the treasure house for different off-shoots. This centre, according to its fulfilment, makes different sorts of channels. In other words, it becomes like a spider's web, with its centre in the middle. By the magnitude of the power, the channels are not only formed but they become thicker and thicker. In other words, the child is caught in this web. The lack of harmony cannot be remedied unless the material force introduced into the system by the help of the suggestions be drawn out.

Psychology gives the picture of the things but there is no remedy for their correction. It is only the Natural Path which can bring about naturalness in it." --Read More

--Sri Ramchandraji Maharaj of Shahjahanpur, UP, India.

"In my opinion we have solved the mystery, if somehow we are able to solve our problem of life. When we visualized ourselves, we found that man is an epitome of the universe. This added to our advancement, and we have begun to study our own centres, their motions and work, and the functions of the human mind and body. The power we have got in us can also be utilised for the destructive purpose, but owing to the sacred pledge of our ancients, we avoid it altogether, and we utilise the power for the transformation of man. If we really peep into the constructive side we get side by side the destructive things as well. And neutrals are also there, which is yet to be explored by the scientists. Since we have no concern with these things, we leave them. We come to the constructive side. When we peep into ourselves with this idea, we find the higher centres focussing into our centres, but due to our wrong thinking and doings the effect is not coming in at all. The thick layer of grossness has settled so firmly over the centres as to make them quite impervious. There are so many centres in the human body whose working is both spiritual and worldly. Research is necessary to know all these things for the common good of mankind. It is said that it has been a subject for the weak who do not want to work further to direct their energy for the material uplift of mankind. Thus spirituality is attacked by many of us giving examples of the present day civilisations, and of those who have gone with unlimited pace of materialism, making themselves as limited, because they attempt for only the finite and afterwards they fall off. The idea should be to proceed from the finite to the infinite. It should be the idea that we should also make the finite to be merged into the Infinite. In other words the finiteness should be glittering first, then we can proceed towards the base. And what is finiteness? The centre in us has lost the capacity of grasping the Infinite. The Natural Path system stands for it, and makes it possible for us to do our duty the way the finiteness demands, and to proceed alongside towards the Infinite. It reveals to us our duty as the foremost thing. So we should correct both the things, that is, we should fly with both the wings. If we attempt for the finite alone we proceed with an unsound base. We should attempt the finite for the Infinite. For this, dynamic methods should be adopted. And what can those methods be? Only those which introduce, from the very beginning, the character of the Infinite. I shall be very grateful to the readers if they ponder a little over this sentence.

This can be best introduced by those who have imbibed the real characteristic within their own centres; who know how to draw in the power and piety from the higher centres to the lower ones, and who can transmit the effect into the abhyasi so that they may adopt the same character. For this a strong dynamic hand is always necessary. As long as we do not remove grossness settled in our centres, the grace or effect of higher centres remains far apart due to the grossness and complexities we have made. Our Natural Path recommends the method for the cleaning of the centres, and the Master himself does it through the process of transmission. As long as the abhyasi is not getting the Grace direct, the teacher diverts the Grace which is coming directly upon himself to the abhyasi." -- Read More

--Sri Ramchandraji Maharaj of Shajahanpur, UP, India.


"Our present education, being dyed in the gaudy colors of Western thought tends towards the increasing of necessities of life to an abnormal limit. All through life people go on striving for their procurement with the full force of their thought and effort. That becomes their main pursuit of life. Reverses and failures create unhappy effects upon them and spoil their mood." -- Read More

--Sri Ramchandraji Maharaj of Shajahanpur, UP, India.

The word education is derived from the root ‘educe’ meaning ‘extract from’ ‘draw out’. Similar are the origins of the words ‘deduce’, 'induce’, 'reduce’. It implies that there is something in the individual that can be drawn out and exhibited in its perfection that the individual possibilities permit.

Every individual is endowed with a physique, a mind and a heart. The physical body is an instrument to work relating to the physical world, the mind is an instrument to work in the mental plane and the manas is the tool as also the jewel box of sentiments, emotions, feelings and sensitivity expressing the nature of the heart we have. The endowments in the physique and mind are different and each accomplishes according to the assets and limitations of the same. But the realm of manas, except in very unfortunate cases, has the same potential and capacity in all, though there are covers and coverings over the heart. While the perfection of the physique and mind are sought to be achieved through conventional education enabling us to learn skills and techniques, the realm of the heart is brought to perfection by making it more and more exposed to the bounties of Nature and blessings of the Divine.

Thus ‘education’ is multidimensional in nature. Not only the intellectual aspect of development, social and emotional adjustment is the task of education but more than all this essentially making a person ‘human’ is the real task of education. Human perfection lies in ‘man’ becoming ‘real man’ according to the Great Master of the day - Sri Ramchandraji Maharaj of Shahjahanpur, U.P. India.

Every one of us is an expression of the ultimate energy or power of God and within the constraints of the form we have to try to express the spirit behind us.

Children are to be viewed as embodiments of love and affection. The educators’ job is to develop their inner resources so as to become tomorrows’ peace makers.

Man is essentially a spiritual being: an expression of the Divine and not just a rational being. Rationality is and should be subservient to the needs of spirituality of the individual. This fundamental fact is forgotten and educators have become experts in killing the spirit in man and promoting the machine and animal in him. This is a sin that is universally practiced.

But the educators’ role is essentially to provide support to the children to grow spiritually and learn the virtues of gratitude, hope, satisfaction, friendship, sharing, non-violence, non-jealousy, non-envy, controlling the desires and urges etc., Above all the creativity which is another word of ”life” has to be promoted. By our insistence to curtail the creative expression of the individual we make ‘bonsai’ equivalents in human form. They should learn the most important lesson of ‘letting go’; it is the absence of this learning that we find is the main reason for all conflicts in families and societies.

Happy living is natural to all species of animals including human. But the process of lop sided education has made many a young men forget the basic skill God has endowed all of us with-‘to be happy’. It is this prejudice in favour of what is thought of as professional or vocational education that inhibits the natural expression of joy and happiness in human life.

(The above is extracted from a base paper which explains the philosophy of education of the Samsthan. To read the complete paper please Click here.)

BODH, a special school for slow-learners has been established in 1991 by Sahaj Seva Samsthan. Keeping the ideal of Free Education in mind, Samsthan has been running the BODH school for the last 14 years without charging any fees from the students.

While BODH school is catering to the needs of children with special needs, SATKAMA school is meant for children with normal abilities.



  • To provide services to all sections of people without any bias towards any religion, community or class of individuals as all other programmes of Sahaj Seva Samsthan.
  • To provide the services entirely free of cost to the students, as against the present day trend of charging for all services including education.
  • To develop appropriate communication skills
  • To identify and nurture the hidden talents
  • To develop and improve confidence in others as sharers of joy and knowledge, and also to develop confidence in ones' self.
  • To develop an awareness of inter-dependence.
  • To develop healthy self-reliance without conflict and unhealthy competition.
  • To enable them to become carriers of the spiritual message of love to all.
  • To integrate the individual into the society as a confident, loving and lovable person.
  • To inculcate the qualities of National Spirit and Integrity
  • To develop moral values